Pet Friendly Plants for Your Patio

Pet Friendly Plants for Your Patio When planning a new patio space, you may be including a garden or decorative potted plants in your space. Here’s a list of options that are both aesthetic as well as pet safe.

How To Light A Vent Free Pilot

How to Light a Vent Free Pilot Light Weather you just need a refresher or have never done it before, this guide will walk you through how to light the pilot on your vent free gas fireplace.

Recreational Fires

7 Rules to Recreational Fires If you’re within Springfield city limits, there are rules to how and where you can burn a wood fire outdoors. Once you’re outside city limits, these seven rules are good guidelines to follow for a safe fire season.

Propane Tank Safety

Propane Tank Safety Whether it’s for your grill or your firepit, Maschino’s suggests having one tank in use and one tank filled for backup but there are rules you should follow when you do that. See how to use and store your tanks below!

Firepit Location Restrictions

Where You Can and Can’t Place A Firepit Firepits are a great addition to your patio but they may not be an option if you don’t have the appropriate clearances for them. Explore the requirements below to make sure your patio plan is safe!